Drawing of the Day

A couple of months ago one of the guys who runs a website I frequent, but will not mention started raving about a Canadian series he'd gotten a hold of through one of his tape trading buddies called
Corner Gas (follow that link and you'll see how baddly I whiffed on this one).

I thought nothing of it, as I had no way of seeing it, but he just kept going on and on about it. It's recently started airing on WGN, and I agree with his love toward the show.

It's weird, actually, recently I've begun to watch with an eye toward how marketable a spin-off or remake would be. I'm not sure when this started, but I noticed it in earnest with the series finale of Kim Possible where I turned to my wife and said "I would totally watch a follow-up with either Kim & Ron adventuring together in/after college, or in a couple of years maybe Ron's adopted sister could team up with their kid."

We actually tried to work out whether or not Hanah would be too old to take the Possible/Stoppable child on mission with her, then decided that the twins could tag along and the follow-up to that show would be the Ron/Kim offspring on their adventures.

Along the same lines Corner Gas could easily be retooled to take place in a small midwest town with the little to no tinkering with the formula. The only thing different would be the lack of Canadian accents. Hell, the sets could be built around the east central Illinois region and everyone would think it had been shot on the original sets.


On the other hand, now I can watch a college-aged Horror Host

Here's a list of local channels available to the Champaign/Decatur/Springfield area via DirecTV:


What's wrong with this list? There are THREE PBS stations, THREE! I love PBS, maybe more than the next person, but how many times a day do you need to see Arther, or Clifford? With WEIU's recent addition to the line-up I can now watch them at least six times a day each.

And still my station languishes off line-up for reasons unknown, losing money while the tiny college 50 miles away gets to broadcast their student newscast to half a million people in the area. Lovely.


Drawing of the Day


Someone at work mentioned I should watch Pan's Labyrinth, because it'd be right up my alley. While it appeared to be at first glance, the incredibly graphic killing of the boy from the village and the senseless murder of his father killed all the enjoyment I could have had from the "mundane" aspects of the movie. I still enjoyed the fantasy aspects, especially the character designs, though the one figure with an eye in each hand reminded me too much of a Mummenschanz performance.

Onto the drawing... looking at it finished, I should have left out his right horn and ear. As it stands, it's kind of a pseudo-Picasso meets Tartakovsky vibe. I guess that'd kind-of mesh with the recent Hellboy animated movies, so all in all I like it.

edit: I just couldn't live with that horn. Here's the updated version.
Of course now I think the hair looks wonky. Oy.

What do YOU think?

World War Hulk: X-Men

WWH:X-Men is the breakout series of the summer, for me at least. I've never really been a fan of the X-Men, excepting Kitty Pride and Nightcrawler. So a series that's three issues of nothing but the Hulk, my favorite character, beating the hell out of mutants is bound to push just the right buttons.

I especially loved Wolverine getting taken down by just ramming his head into a wall. Ah, if only it had caused permanent damage.

If ever the Marvel universe was coming to an end/facing a Crisis-like reboot, the Hulk should just go around destroying everyone. I really have no idea how they're going to wrap this up, though. Two more issues of WWH and then what? Magical "status quo reset" sitcom episode ending?


Z-A of Me Meme

A is for Aftermath

Wednesday everything was going great, I was up for two new jobs, life was looking up.

Thursday I found out they were hiring someone else for one of the jobs. No problem, I thought, I've seen what's happened to other people in that position, I only applied for it on a lark. I've still got that other job prospect that I've been pursuing for six months.

Friday I found out that a job that was originally brought up as being specifically created for me was going to some jackass at a different station, who apparently has more than my twelve years of experience in video production.

Saturday was fun, my wife let me be a little depressed, and we ended up doing random stuff.

Now I'm off to meet my new boss.