Drawing of the Day


Someone at work mentioned I should watch Pan's Labyrinth, because it'd be right up my alley. While it appeared to be at first glance, the incredibly graphic killing of the boy from the village and the senseless murder of his father killed all the enjoyment I could have had from the "mundane" aspects of the movie. I still enjoyed the fantasy aspects, especially the character designs, though the one figure with an eye in each hand reminded me too much of a Mummenschanz performance.

Onto the drawing... looking at it finished, I should have left out his right horn and ear. As it stands, it's kind of a pseudo-Picasso meets Tartakovsky vibe. I guess that'd kind-of mesh with the recent Hellboy animated movies, so all in all I like it.

edit: I just couldn't live with that horn. Here's the updated version.
Of course now I think the hair looks wonky. Oy.

What do YOU think?

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