We pause now for hilarity

What follows is a proposal for a weather promo that was brainstormed while directing the morning news a couple of days ago. The make anchor liked it so much he volunteered to be the guy in the cloud suit.

We start with security camera-like footage of a guy in a cloud costume walking up to a house, and peering through the screen door.

From inside the house we hear: "come on in, I'm just making up some sun tea." Cut to the interior mid-sentece to see someone in a sun costume walking away from the screen door and into another room as the cloud enters.

Cloud guy calls after the sun person: "hey, hot enough for ya?" and out walks Dan Jensen, weatherman.

Dan: "Have a seat, Mr." he checks the papers he's holding "Cold-front, is it"

Cloud Guy: "I'm sorry, sir. Who are you?"

Dan (as Chris Hansen): "I'm Dan Jensen, Stormteam Weather, what exactly were you planning to do to East Central Illinois?"

Cloud Guy: "Nothing sir, I was just here to cool things down."

Dan: "Says here that you were going to quote show you what a gully washer is unquote."

Cloud guy takes off out the door, with us following, where the other two weather guys have their squirt guns at the ready, forcing him to the ground.

End with Dan, Doug and Cliff standing over cloud guy, brandishing the squirt guns, in a Charlie's Angel's esque pose.

I hope everyone finds this as funny as we did.


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