Z-A of Me Meme

B is for Blogging

I've had six (!) blogs in my life. Three of them trailed off until death, one was closed for legal reasons (a then-current co-worker Googled themselves and found my screed about the workplace and their part in it, including an affair), one was a serial novel (I'm going to loo0k into copyrighting "blogvel") that never got off the ground, and then there's this, which I hope will last for a while.

My last blog was a livejournal, which I got in the dying days of invite only LJ accounts. I tried a few things to resuscitate the LJ, but I just couldn't bring myself to update it anymore. I guess I just grew out of it.

I would like to be the first to congratulate my wife for her newest blogventure: The Swapdex
it's an index of mail swaps around the world, and has gotten almost 1000 unique visitors in the month it's been up and running. It's amazing how popular these craft swaps are.

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