Z-A of Me Meme

R is for responsibility

My wife is a little upset about posts S,T & U in this meme, and wants me to remove them. I prefer not to, as I've learned quite a bit about responsibility since my previous one of my previous blogs almost got me dooced.

Back before I got married I was a much more irresponsible young lad. Bills would go unpaid, not because I didn't have money, but because I forgot about them until such time as they piled up and I threw them away while tidying. This led to a horrible horrible credit rating. Such that when I moved out of state, one of my creditors served me with a summons to small claims court to collect on a debt that that I was actually paying on time. Between that, my marriage, and subsequent having to feed a second mouth on what was previously a fairly good single-guy wage, I righted my listing credit ship and steadfastly rebuilt my credit to the point where my score is approximately 300 points above where it was seven years ago.

I have my wife to thank for a bit of this, as she gave me a goal to strive for (her credit score has never been sub-730) and a reason to strive for it.

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