Z-A of Me Meme

I apparently only have until the end of the month to get through this, so I'm doubling up on the usual amount of posts.

S is for Siblings

My siblings and I could have been a great psychological experiment/thesis. Therese and Ted were born in 1969 and 1970 respectively. Chris and I didn't come along until 1975 and 1976.

Therese on the other hand was kind of the all-around helper when we were growing up. Dad ws on the road a lot, and when I started school, and mom went back to work, she was the voice of authority until supper time. She is a goody-two shoes, but not in a bad way, and provided me with a couple of nieces that I think of as more younger sisters (one of which just started college.) and a nephew that Chris loves to pal around with.

The psychology comes into play because during Ted's formative years HE was the youngest, and was treated as such, and still plays into all the habits that come with that. He's got kind of a love-hate relationship with my dad, though that's mellowing into somewhat of a mutual respect. He's pulled away a bit, living outside of our hometown, but still coming back twice a month to visit with the extended families, so the grandkids know about where their parents came from. It was from Ted that I learned of many of my favorite bands, and formed some of my political views. Ted was also the first of our family to marry a non-Catholic, which is a big thing in my dad's eyes. Mom tends to keep to herself about these things, as long as you're happy. Dad has again mellowed a bit about Ted's wife's creed, but they still go to separate churches when they're in town.

Chris is an odd one, he makes a butt-load of money, but still lives at home. I used to kid him about it, but then came to realize that generations of people around the world have grown up and continued to live with their parents until such time as suddenly their parents are living with them.

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