Z-A of Me Meme

U is for understaffing.

We're currently six people short in my department, and four of them are on my shows.

The midday show at my station will be down to a three person staff as of tomorrow, which is one too few to actually run the show (two to few to run the show well). It's been like this since the previous general manager came in and decided to cut production staff to almost a skeleton crew, getting rid of the majority of our part-time employees. That was in late 2000. Since that time my boss (and I've had three in this time period) has run camera for the Midday. Well, except when one of the other directors left in March and the current operations manager had to move to nights to fill in, leaving the show non-staffed at cameras. We've managed to have some morning operators fill-in for the time being, but the college year starts tomorrow, and the remaining morning floor crew person has a class at 11am, precluding his ability to be at the station at that time.

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