Z-A of Me Meme

T is for television

I've been working in TV for twelve years. When I first started out, part time my station had a reporter at the OJ trial. Given that we were a small-market station in north central Wisconsin, THIS WAS INSANE. It hasn't gotten any saner. I've worked with alcoholics (one of my co-workers got so many DUIs his bicycle was impounded so he could ride it), drug addicts, manic-depressives, sex addicts, registered sexual offenders, and on and on. A more wretched hive of scum and villainy you will not find than in broadcast television.

It strikes me, that in a smaller market you keep seeing the same stories over and over, mainly because of the turnover in the newsroom. These stories are fresh to the new to town reporters, but old hat to anyone living in town. Perhaps that's why we're so popular among the college crowd, but don't do so well among the older viewers.

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