Z-A of Me Meme

I picked this up from My Wife's blog, and am going backwards so as to better facilitate alphabetical reading. Also, because the earlier letters in the alphabet represent some very hot-button (for me) issues, and I'd rather put a friendly face on this blog, and let you get to know me before spewing forth bile.


Z is for Zeidler

Pronounced Zide-ler, because of my Austrian/German background, it would be Zeed-ler if the I and the E were transposed. Right now my wife is mad at me for revealing my last name in my second post on this blog. I've learned my lessons from previous blogs and will not be posting things that would get specific people upset enough at me to threaten another lawsuit. (said blog has been erased, and thanks to a call to the Blogger/Google offices way back when, completely erased from the archives.

Z is also for Zundian

A name that was randomly generated by a MUD that I visited once for around 5 minutes before wondering how people were ever patient enough to spend hours and hours on a MUD. It seemed like a neat name at the time, and I've adopted it at all the websites, message boards and chat programs I frequent. Apparently there's also a Furniture company and a Card company, both based in China with the same name. It was also the name of the aforementioned blog with the lawsuit threat.

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