Z-A of Me Meme

D is for Disasters I Have Missed Despite Working in Television.

  1. Oklahoma City Bombing - I was actually at my part-time job and happened to notice it on the small television in the break room of the place I was delivering pizza to.
  2. Columbine school shootings - I was getting ready for a first date, and was told about it when I picked up my date.
  3. September 11th - I was working nights at the station, so I slept through the entire thing. I checked my email and saw a whole bunch of posts to a TV director's mailing list I was on at the time hoping that everyone in New York was OK. Only then did I turn on the TV and immediately race to the station to see how I could help out.
  4. Space Shuttle Columbia - I was asleep again.
  5. Virginia Tech shootings - I think I had the week off.

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Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting BBC Show about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Please watch and then pass link along to friends.