Z-A of Me Meme

V is for Vegetarianism

I've recently decided to go fully vegetarian, as my wife has been since I met her, and for the majority of every week I have been too, but there were occasions in which I would pick up something because I didn't feel like making anything. I found myself picking things up more and more and realized that I needed to make a change for the well being of both myself and our bank account. It's been going OK too, except for our weekly ventures eating out. I couldn't find a sandwich I liked at a bagel shop we went to so I had tuna salad, and then two weeks ago we went to a Greek place and discovered that they were transitioning their menu, and only had a handful of items available that their online menu said they had, so I ordered something, and I'm not ever sure what, but the waitress came back and told me they had just run out of whatever it was, so I ended up getting fish, again.

Whenever I used to say my wife was vegetarian, people would always ask "Oh, does she eat fish?" I would look at them strangely and say "No, she's a vegetarian" So I really felt like I was cheating on my new culinary path whenever I had the fish, and my wife has been kidding me about it, even going as far as buying stuff with meat in it. I then have to remind her that we're now both vegetarian, and that she can just buy two of whatever she's buying for herself from now on (unless it's mint - blech)

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